10 Best Crosswords for Primary School Kids

Crosswords for Primary School Kids-making a murderer

In the age of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and way too many educational apps, you tend to find minimal room for the traditional methods of learning. Yet, there are 'old school' ways, which are no less efficient as a mental gym for children in their pre-primary and primary schooling days. It has more benefits than what a new age parent can think of. In fact, it can be the answer to a number of difficulties that your child might face while learning.

Why Crosswords Still Make It

No one can deny the efficacy of Crossword Puzzle for learning. For example:

  • Crosswords can supplement the usual classroom teachings in several ways.
  • Enhance the reading skill of your children.
  • It boosts the overall thinking capability of young kids
  • Can fortify their general knowledge, as well.
  • Crossword Puzzles also help to strengthen the problem-solving skills of young children
  • Overall, they are a great time pass for young learners. They give at least a break from fiddling with cell phones. This, in turn, improved focus and concentration.

What Can Be the Best Words for Crosswords?

The words that you see in Crossword Puzzle for adults are going to be different from what we see in their counterparts for young children. And they are going to be no less interesting. There are enterprises like GoAssignmentHelp that showed research on the individual growth of every young student. Experts have thoughtfully designed different Crossword Puzzles. They are both educational and fun. And as the panel of experts suggests, their crosswords contain a number of the essential group of words.

Adding Opposites

While children are taught the different usages of parts of speech, it is equally important that they learn about the basics of synonyms and antonyms. So adding opposite words for Crossword Puzzles is a fun way to let kids explore different antonyms. Both parents and teachers can take the opportunity to involve children in word games in this way. The hints can come in the form of:Crosswords for Primary School Kids2-making a murderer

  • Opposite of buy
  • Opposite of cheap
  • Opposite of soft
  • Opposite of true
  • Opposite of right
  • Opposite of white

Names of Shapes

Identifying the shapes of the different things around has is an important part of learning.

  • Fun crosswords from the house of experts make for a way to identify different shapes.
  • Children can have a look at the different shapes given as a clue, and find answers by using the letters used in the shapes.
  • It also helps the learner to identify the different variants of shapes.

Veggie Crosswords

When your child is not too familiar with the names of the common Vegetables, as well as veggies available across the planet, crosswords can help learn about them.

  • Apart from identifying vegetables, these puzzles can be a fun way to remember their spellings. This especially comes handy to help your child spell varieties like cabbages, broccoli, spinach, and the like.
  • Such crosswords might contain pictures of various veggies in the hint section, this helping the learners to identify them.

Animals and Puzzles

Ours is a fantastic world with diverse wildlife. There is a wonderful world of different species of birds, animals, reptiles, and insects.

With the help of this animal words in puzzles, you can teach your child a number of things such as:

  • The different types of sound that such animals make
  • The type of food they eat
  • There are types such as domestic, wild, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and so on.
  • The names of the offsprings of different animals.

Bedroom Crosswords

There are so many words that belong to the bedroom, such as:Crosswords for Primary School Kids1-making a murderer

  • Rugs
  • Mats
  • Lampshade
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Wardrobe
  • Different types of furniture

Including these terms as a part of Crossword Puzzles can make a difference in your child's learning.

Fruity Words for Crosswords

Just like the different types of veggies, even fruits are essential for health. The colorful and delicious fruits should be an essential part of your child's daily diet. A fun way to help him learn the name of different fruits is through crosswords.

While playing with the words, you can also explain to your child the health benefits of each of these fruits.

Body Crosswords

Let your child know what a wonderful creation his body is. You can help your kid learn by adding the names of different body parts in the hint section of the Crossword Puzzle.

  • It might include the names of the essential parts of the body, such as cells, tissues, nerves, and blood
  • Premier tutorial enterprises design their crosswords by adding the names of various body organs.
  • Teachers and parents can also explain the different functions of the body organs while playing with the crosswords.
  • Also, the puzzle can include the names of the basic systems of our body, such as the circulatory system and the alimentary system.

Job-Centric Crosswords

This is a fantastic way to enlighten your child about the different works and jobs that people pursue to earn a living.

  • Also, make sure to explain the duties and responsibilities of people pursuing various jobs.
  • It would also expose children to different types of professions such as firefighters, nurses, doctors, dentists, phlebotomists, and the like.

Knowing the Nature through Words

We live in a world where preserving the elements of Mother Nature is the top priority. Let the students know the different resources of his environment through crosswords:

  • The words might include references for different climatic conditions
  • It can also comprehend the names of different pollutants
  • Picture clues are an essential part of these type of puzzles

Modes of Transport

A good transportation facility is the basis of a smooth everyday living. It is no wonder that children, from a very tender age, knows the names of the modes of daily conveyance.

  • However, adding transportation words to the puzzles means that young learners would also know the name of the advanced modes of transport.
  • These include submarines, excavators, rockets, and many more.
  • There can also be references for vehicles special to a definite country or a region. These might include names like rickshaws, autos or tuk-tuk.

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