The Do’s And Don’ts of Hajj

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Hajj is a very sacred journey for Muslims. To culminate Hajj, every Muslim man or woman must travel to the city of Mecca once in their lifetime because it is a necessary aspect of Islam. Muslims from all over the world every year in the month of Zul-Hajj visit the holy Kaba’ah to perform Hajj. Muslims follow in the footsteps of the last prophet Muhammad (SAWW). He also performed Hajj and since then it became mandatory for Muslims to perform it.

Performing Hajj can be a very overwhelming experience from the start (selecting the best and executive packages) until the end (after you return home). It is possible that you make a mistake during this spiritual journey. Which is why we have listed down some dos and don’ts for you.

DO’s of Hajj:

Let us start with the things that you should do:

  1. Preparations:
    if you want your Hajj to go smoothly then prepare for it beforehand. Do all your physical grooming because none of it will be allowed like cutting nails and hail, etc.  Make sure you bring only the important things and cut down all the useless things. As these useless things will only make your trip difficult. So, if you want a VIP experience then you should prepare adequately. Always pack copies of your important documents in your carryon so that you have everything when needed.
  2. Learn about rules and regulations:
    there will be millions of Muslims at the venue of Hajj and you should not break any rules. You can easily find a rulebook or you can ask someone who recently went for Hajj about them. If you plan on breaking rules in the holiest place in the world. It is better that you don’t go for Hajj at all. Similarly, there are some rules of Ihram that you should follow. Like not involving in sexual activities, not losing your temper, not applying perfume and not trimming hair or nails. Also, be aware of public safety while on Hajj.
  3. Do some exercise:
    exercising is important before you go on your Hajj trip because you will have to walk a lot during it. So, it is better to exercise and walk to increase your stamina. This way you won't get easily tired and will have an amazing experience. After you buy the best package from Islamabad check the distance of your hotel from mecca and other destinations to get an idea of how much walking you will be doing.

DON’Ts of Hajj:

  1. Don’t break the rules of Ihram:
    if you ever break the rules of Ihram before your Hajj is over then your Niyat will be broken and you won't be able to perform Hajj. Man wear Ihram but woman wear clothes which completely cover them from head to toe. Nothing worldly is allowed in Ihram (no perfumes, no makeup, no excessive jewelry, etc.)
  2. Don’t be violent:
    Mecca is already packed with millions of people so you need to stay calm and avoid getting angry at every small thing. You also shouldn’t push the crowd just because you want to touch Kaba’ah. Protect yourself from injuries and also avoid injuring others. Try to help everyone to earn more Sawaab.
  3. Don’t skip drinking the water:
    water is very important during Hajj because Mecca is a hot city and you can hurt your health if you are not properly hydrated at all times.
  4. Don’t bring cameras:
    you aren’t going for Hajj to take pictures rather you are going there to reconnect with your Creator and to yourself. Even if you want to take a memorable picture you can do it with your phone, no need to bring the camera along.
  5. Don’t lose hope:
    even if you go with the best Hajj group in Islamabad for2020 you may still get disappointed with one or two things. But, you should remember the more you endure to complete your Hajj with a good heart the more you will be rewarded by Allah. So, don’t lose hope and try to supplicate to Allah.

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