World’s Most Exclusive and Costly Watches

World’s Most Exclusive and Costly Watches

Here is the list of 20 world’s most exclusive and costly watches.

1.  Tour de I’Ile

You are a brand conscious person and you want to have the most exclusive and costly watches then Tour De I'lle is the best of all. This exclusive watch was manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, a Swiss manufacturer of watches. To celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2005, Vacheron Constantin launched 7 limited edition watches priced at $1.5 Million.

This watch was once branded as the ‘most complicated wristwatch in the world’. Currently it doesn’t hold this title but is still demanded by the elite even at this huge price tag.

2.  Grand Complication

Launched in 2013, Grand Complication is the most expensive watch ‘Lange and Sohne’ has ever produced. This watch is currently priced at $2.5 Million. The reason for such exorbitant price lies in its complicated design that lures elites around the world.

Grand Complication has 876 complex parts and comes in a golden box. Its diameter size is 50mm and its 20mm in thickness.

3. Aeternitas Mega 4

You will like it more than all the other most exclusive and costly watches in the world. Priced at stunning $2.7 Million, this watch is manufactured by Franck Muller, another Swiss watchmaker.

Aeternitas Megas has the title to be ‘Most complex watch in the world’ because of 1483 complicated moving components, making it a world record holder as well.

Also this watch comes with a renewable calendar which relieves you from adjusting the watch’s calendar for 1000 years.

4. 1928 Single Button Chronograph

This piece of marvel was manufactured in 1928 by Patek Philippe, a renowned luxury watch manufacturer. It’s made of 18 Karat gold and embedded with 28 expensive jewels and therefore priced at hefty $3.6 Million.

It's world-famous because previously it was owned by groundbreaking guitarist ‘Eric Clapton’. Its distinctive dial also tells you the current phase of the moon.

5. 5004T

Another exclusive watch by Patek Philippe, costing $3.9 Million this watch was previously known as 5004 series which was discontinued by the company and now called 5004T by Patek Philippe.

It has a sporty look with body made of titanium and contrasting stitching which makes super attractive for elites who want to have something extra than conventional luxury watches available in the market.

6.  Daytona Oyster Albino

This Daytona Oyster Albino is one of Rolex’s most expensive watches ever made costing $4 Million and there are only 4 of these in the world.

Rolex demands such a high price for this watch is for two reasons; first one is that this watch was previously owned by renowned guitarist Eric Clapton and the second reason is its distinctive shade on the dial, case made of stainless steel.

7.  Antique Number 2667

This watch, made by Breguet is for those who like watches but doesn’t want to wear one or who we can call ‘pocket watch lovers’. It is priced at a staggering $4.5 Million because of its classic design and made with 18 Karate gold. A fine example of luxury and traditional design.

8. Meteoris

With only 4 watches in the world Louis Moinet’s “Meteoris”  is a rare beauty to be seen with each watch having a piece of rock from the moon itself. Yes! You read it right.

Along with a moon rock as its center attraction, complex mechanics and expensive parts makes it one of the world’s most expensive watch priced at $4.6 Million.

9.  Big Bang Diamond

As the name suggest, this watch comes with 1280 3 Karat diamonds and the stunning feature about this is that all of these diamonds are hand-cut by famous Newyork City jeweler.

This $5 Million watch is designed by Hublot to add luxury and exclusiveness to your lifestyle. So, Beyoncé gifted the same watch to her husband Jay-Z on his 43rd birthday.

10. Calibre 89

Another pocket watch on our list and is manufactured by Patek Philippe in 1989 to mark the celebration of company’s 150th anniversary and name Calibre 89. So, once titled as the most complex watch of the world, this watch has 1,728 intricate parts and weighs about 1.1 KG.

Perfect for pocket watch lovers this watch is priced at $5.5 Million.

11. Ref. 1527

Manufactured by Patek Philippe in 1943, this watch costs $5.7 Million. It is pertinent to mention here that what makes it so expensive are the precious stones perfectly embedded in the watch and also because of the fact that this watch is made up from 20 Karat rose gold.

12. Ref. 1518

Housed in top-class stainless steel, 1518 is manufactured by Patek Philippe and cost $11 Million. Patek Philippe launched 4 limited edition watches, 1518 is the first in the list with perpetual calendar chronograph feature.

13. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

This watch was auctioned at a staggering $17.6 Million for two reasons. One is the fact that this watch was owned by a world-famous actor, Paul Newman whose wife gifted him this watch. Secondly, it has a distinctive black and cream dial.

Initially, these dials were installed in only one in twenty watches as Rolex Daytona watches where hard to sell at first.

14. Billionaire, expensive and costly Watch

This watch was manufactured by Jacob & Co. and is priced at $18 Million. Get it  made of 260 Karat diamonds and has awe-inspiring skeleton look on its dial.

Jacob & Co is famous for designing daring and unique watches that always lure their fans who don’t find it difficult to buy at staggering $18 Million tagged watch.

15.  Henry Graves Super complication

Specially crafted for wealthy American banker with the name of Henry Graves by Patel Philippe, this watch is the most expensive watch by Patek Philippe amounting to $24 Million.

This masterpiece has 24 complicated parts with a minute repeater, sunset and sunrise timings. Furthermore, you will also find a perpetual calendar and a celestial chart that is specifically for the night sky right above the house of Henry Graves.

16.  201-Carat Watch

Chopard is a manufacturer of the world’s most luxurious and expensive watches. 201-Carat watch is one amongst the many. You will find a lot of beautiful diamonds  in this watch like 15-Karat blue diamond, 15 karat pink diamond and 12 Karat blue diamond.

Furthermore, 163 Karats of white and yellow diamonds enhance its beauty. But this luxury watch full of diamonds is available at a price of $25 Million

17. Joaillerie 101 Manchette, the costly watch

Joaillerie 101 Manchette crafted with great detail by Jaeger-LeCoultre and customized with up to 576 diamonds is one amongst the most exclusive and costly watches in the world.

This watch is priced at $26 Million and was given as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II on her 60th year as a queen. It comes with a silver-colored dial and a crown.

18.  Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette

House in Gold, this pocket watch supersedes all others in the list with beautiful design and complicated mechanics that makes it the most expensive watches Breguet ever produced.

Priced at $30 Million this watch was allegedly ordered by a former lover of French queen Marie Antoinette. However, this masterpiece among the most exclusive and costly watches took 40 years to be completed but events took an unfortunate turn and Marie Antoinette was hanged before she could enjoy its luxury.

19.  The Fascination

Fascination is one of the most exclusive and costly watches that you have ever seen. Graff Diamonds is world-class diamond jewelry and Swiss watchmaker. The Fascination is one of its masterpiece costing $40 Million.

Moreover, 152.96 Karats of white diamonds beautifully embedded in a watch that has a separable 38.13 Karat diamond ring right in the middle of the watch but it's a masterpiece of its own kind.

20. Exclusive and costly watch Hallucination

However, the Hallucination is another watch by Graff Diamonds topping the list with a surprising $55 Million tags. Hallucination is currently the most expensive watch in the world.

So, what makes it so expensive is its platinum bracelet that is equipped with 110 Karats of rarely found diamonds in different colors, cuts and textures.

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