Google Training Center: Advantages and Disadvantages

Google Digital Training - Making a MurdererGoogle Digital Training - Making a Murderer

To talk about why Google has sensed having to create a tool like Google Digital Training it is. In my opinion, necessary to make some brief historical mention first. Let's start from the '30s: just under a century ago the expression "technical and scientific revolution" was emerging. Science and technology come to take on a completely new role during these years. In the 70s, then, the "Information Age" begins and we begin to become familiar with what will then be the real “Digital Revolution".

By the late 1980s, less than 1% of the technologically archived world information was in digital format, while it was 94% in 2007. The Digital age starts in the year 2002. Humanity has been able to store more information in a digital rather than analog form since this year.

Well, we are in 2019 and I do not intend to bore you with everything that has happened in the last 17 years in terms of digitization. So I will go directly to the point where Google invented a completely digital training area. Through which you can learn to use the web to the fullest, exploiting its potential. The fundamental concept is that the individuals, the companies and the whole economy can grow with relatively little effort. Google wants everyone to have the digital skills necessary to take advantage of the technological revolution.

Google DM platform: Does it seem too easy or too good to be true?

The answer is no, because it is not at all, or rather: it is not that easy, but it is beautiful and it is true. Many of you will probably be a little skeptical that tutorials and tests are developed completely digitally. Surely, among the first things you thought there is something like " too easy to test home. You can copy/cheat/suggest... and what validity can ever be recognized to a certificate obtained in this way? ". To give you an answer, it would be enough to invite each of you to take the training and take the test, it will take just a few steps to retract what was probably so easy to think.

First of all, the Google Digital Marketing (GDM) platform is very well structured by topics and aims to acquire specific skills. Once you have chosen what is most useful for you, you start: you can divide the learning according to your time, start it, leave it and resume it as soon as possible. The steps to get to the final test are not few and are made of intermediate steps with mini-tests to pass, but if you don't get discouraged, you will be satisfied.

Testing GDM

In my case, once the training was over. I immediately tried the test, underestimating it. I had to do it three times before passing it and getting my certificate: don't think you can find the answers on the internet or in your notes, which you will surely have an eye on, because this test will have a double function: it will get you the time coveted certification and will fix the concepts learned in your mind. The test will force you to think in order to give the right answers and it will not be possible to do it lightly. In short, the Google Training Center has studied. Once again, it moves in detail.

At the end of 2018, I obtained the GDM certification. At a job interview, I was asked in an explicit way. This demonstrated the fact that it is an officially recognized and requested certificate. Since then, I have learned about the potential of this training. I have continued to keep up to date and will continue to do so because it is something that I personally have a lot of faith in.

Google Training Center Certifications: The Disadvantages? Virtually none

Disadvantages? In all honesty, I have not found any, especially because Google training is completely free. So if you do not take advantage of the certificate or even just the course, because maybe the test may not be able to pass it, at the most you will have lost some of your time, nothing more, and nothing less.

I conclude by saying that the implicit and fundamental message that underlies the formation of GDT. Regardless of the marketing discourse, every specialist who already does offline marketing. He can transpose his online business, obtaining, with minimal effort, great results.

Think of all those shops that until a few years ago you would have found only offline: now you can shop online. You can buy organic fruit, you can also go to the baker. And we are only at the beginning. That all this still makes many people skeptical. It is a fact that now everything is being digitalized.

The Google Training Center digital courses: 24 free courses from beginner to advanced

They are all 24, free of charge and concern digitization in a broad sense. To actual digital marketing from how to be found online by customers, scanning the following macro-areas:

  • Data and technology
  • Digital marketing
  • Professional development

The courses are free and most certifications are free of charge. However, some teaching partners may apply a fee to the final exam/certification.

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