Magnificent Beauty Of Beach in Karachi

Beaches in Karachi3-making a murderer

Who doesn’t like to feel the sound of waves and watch the sunrise and set? Feeling the wind and remembering all the good, forgetting about all the bad life has for you sounds perfect. Doesn’t it? Beach is a therapy for some, enjoyment for some and recreation of memories for some. People come in search of properties in Karachi and contact a property agent in Karachi to shift; because of the sea, life here. It appears to be unrealistic that, just as incredible history, culture, and food, Karachi has a number of beautiful beaches as well within its borders. Here is a rundown of the famous seashores in Karachi and what they bring to you. However, before that, you need to have a checklist of things needed to be done.


  • Carry a  medical kit in case of any injuries
  • A towel
  • Make sure to apply loads of sunscreen
  • Pair of clothes for changing
  • Snacks for munching because great fun brings great hunger.


Beach in Karachi-making a murderer

Clifton Sea View

Clifton Beach was at one time a desert spring of silver sand in a hot city. Considerably after the oil slick in 2003, the seashore stays a center point for the individuals who appreciate the cool water and happening seashore life. Various eateries have opened up on the beachfront and right up 'til the present time it stays a well- known goal for the night times and ends of the week. It is observed to be the most convenient beach for people to spend some quality time because of its location and safety, as there’s a police station nearby and plots, properties of people living in and properties for sales as well.

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay from the downtown area is 10 km away. The sand is brilliant and useful for making sandcastles. The beachfront is not excessively steep and takes into consideration great swimming and windsurfing. Huts exist and one can rent great ones with fair necessities like kitchen supplied with utensils, room, restroom, verandah opening to the seashore, supported by electric by power, generators, stove gas, etc. The best season is from September to March. Months to maintain a strategic distance from are the storm season as the water is swarmed with Blue Bottle jellyfish whose long tentacles stings when they interact with the skin.

Beach in Karachi2-making a murderer

French Beach

French Beach Karachi is the seashore for the Elites or the tourists. It is found somewhere between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point, Its rough seashore with rocks and clear waters are perfect for swimming and scuba plunging just as surfing during the storm season. People need to bring their own equipment to do so.

Beaches in Karachi3-making a murderer

Gadani Beach

The beach is 50 km northwest from Karachi. It situated close to the Hub River and Cape Monze in Gadani, Lasbela District. The sand is silky and relaxing to dig the feet in. Ride camels, enjoy rides or go on for fishing.

Paradise Point

Located on the Arabian Sea, is a seashore in Karachi. Paradise Point is a sandstone rock projection, which once had a curve. It has attractions for families and visitors, including beachside steed and camel rides, entertainment, and swimming. It is available through Manipur or the Mubarak Goth Road from Karachi.

Beach in Karachi4-making a murderer

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