5 Things That You Should Never Give to Your Mum on Mother’s Day !!! gifts

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Mothers are an essential building block of a home, and calling her the main captain of the family would not be wrong.  Everyone wants to celebrate mother's day in a very special way. A mom plays several roles, and while she is a mother first and a wife evenly as much, she is also the one who holds the family together.

She is a chef, the caretaker, the grower, and so much more. A mother is not important because she does so many things that involve household tasks, but due to the way that she does it all and the patience she assures to carry while she is at it. She has so much patience. And, at the same time, puts in her all the efforts, which of course, she never cries on.

Give to Your Mum on Mother's Day !!! gifts

As mother's day is fast approaching, and the various blogs are suggesting various ideas for gifts for the special mother in your life. If we brainstorm ourselves, we will find, some of the mothers day gifts are bad and will lead to trouble, and which is completely honest. For an instanance, if you send money to your mother for a as a gift, then she will tell you to save money or may criticize you. And this would be a terrible idea.

And there are also some terrible things that you should never give to your mother. So, let's discuss ahead.

New Gadgets and Mobile - If you don't live with your mother, don't give her some expensive piece of technology that she never understands on this mother's day. Go for some other items like mothers day flowers or any other similar item that she will truly like. The other reason why you should never give any complicated gadget to your mother is that you have to spend a lot of time explaining the new piece of technology to your mom over the phone, and you'll probably get in aggression. Even don't buy her a printer either. That thing will never work if you are with your mother standing over her shoulder for assistance.


If you are considering to provide an umbrella to your mother or even dear ones, then it is not a good idea. According to the old myth, which says that "providing somebody an umbrella may state that you have a trust issue with that person. And your relationship has fallen apart.

Specially this item should not be given to your mom because it represents that a person is not happy with you. So, it's better to avoid this item on any special occasion. Though it is necessary for the rainy season, so it's good to recommend to buy rather of gifting it.

Giving her a pet

If your planning to buy a puppy or a kitty as a gift for Mother's day, then let me tell you that this is not a thing but a living being from whom you have to be responsible and have to take care of. Many of us love animals, but it is very challenging to have them in the home because you have to give your full awareness.

It will not only be an additional burden on the receiver but also for the pets who don't even know how to show their problems. Therefore you should stop giving pets as a gift unless your mom tells you. So do not gift pets before knowing her personal preference.

Handmade things 

If you are grown up, do not make anything for your mother. Unless you're truly in expert in something, save some money from your craft. Your mother has been getting enough from your handmade leftovers. Spend some cash and buy ready from an expert, for example, a mother's day cakes or any other item.

These are some fails items if your planning to give it your mom. Instead, take her out, and have dinner.

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